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Kisinga Coffee is a processing station located in Kalingwe that welcomes small coffee producers each year, providing them with the necessary tools and equipment to process their harvest. However, the role of Kisinga goes beyond that. The station selects the best processing methods and presents them to the world, while also rewarding small producers who can sell their coffee at higher prices, thus encouraging them to cultivate high-quality coffee.

This coffee is one of the finest selections of the year. Hailing from the Rwenzori Mountains, the Bukonzo takes its name from the Bakonzo tribe, a group of descendants living between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These producers do not identify themselves as citizens of either country but proudly announce their heritage as Bakonzo. It is through the incredible efforts of this tribe, combined with the desire to elevate the quality of coffee from these regions, that the Bukonzo coffee emerges.



Rwenzori Mountains, Kasese
Kisinga Coffee Station
Small family-owned farms
SL14 & SL28
1.720 – 1.900 masl
Original bag net weight:


Cupping score certified by Q-Graders and obtained through the SCA protocol.

Aroma: 8,00
Taste: 7,75
Acidity: 7,75
Body: 8,00
Aftertaste: 7,75
Equilibrium: 7,75
Global: 8,00
Uniformity: 10,00
Cup: 10,00
Sweetness: 10,00
Final score: 85,00
Cupper's notes

Cupper's notes

This coffee is highly balanced, smooth, and flavorful. It showcases persistent hints of tropical fruits like papaya and mango, with notes of strawberry. Spicy flavors complement the coffee's excellent body. It has a gentle and pleasing malic acidity.

Green Coffee Analysis

Green Coffee Analysis

Grain analysis

Screen Screen: 17 up
Humidity Humidity: 11,6 %
Density Density: 699 g/L

Storage environment analysis

Humidity Humidity: 54%
Temperature Temperature: 12° C
Analysis conducted on: 18/12/2023
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More Info

More Info

What is most striking about this coffee is the simplicity from harvesting to processing. No special techniques were used to achieve such a surprising result in the cup. It is the combination of nature, meticulous attention to harvesting, meticulous cherry selection, and ample time for slow drying that makes Bukonzo one of the best natural African coffees currently available.

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