LBF Group Italia Srl is an Italian, family-owned company that is a leader in the importation and distribution of green coffee. The spirit of adventure, a sense of freedom, and a desire to discover new cultures, traditions, and coffees from the most remote countries on the planet have always accompanied the LBF family. Since our founding, we have been committed to bringing an extraordinary coffee experience to the homes of each of our customers, carefully selecting the finest beans and offering a wide range of dedicated services.


 LBF Group - Responsibility.

One of LBF's strengths is coffee sourcing. We collaborate with a wide range of trusted suppliers, fostering long-term relationships that evolve over time. Our love for coffee has accompanied us through generations. Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop direct relationships with producers, ensuring a supply chain of high quality, sustainable, and ethical sourcing. We are committed to supporting growers and their communities, promoting responsible and quality production.

 Our Coffees - Quality, Research, and Selection.

In the vast world of coffee, the pursuit of quality is an exciting endeavor. Each green coffee bean is a small treasure hiding a myriad of aromas and flavors, ready to be discovered and appreciated by coffee lovers worldwide. It is in this pursuit that our roots take shape, guiding us towards the goal of offering quality green coffee.

Our adventure begins in distant lands, in remote plantations located in renowned coffee-growing regions. We travel through exotic lands and meet growers who dedicate their lives to caring for coffee plants. We collaborate closely with them, learning the secrets of ancient and modern cultivation techniques passed down through generations.

The selection of beans is an art that requires expertise, experience, and meticulous attention to detail. Our tasters rigorously evaluate every batch of coffee, assessing its sensory and organoleptic characteristics. Aromas, acidity, body, and sweetness are carefully analyzed to ensure superior quality. Only lots that meet stringent standards are chosen to continue their journey to our company.

 Logistics - Quality, Efficiency, and Safety.

We understand that maintaining controlled facilities, efficient service, and safety is crucial to ensuring the quality of our products. We consider the quality of our coffee a top priority, which is why our warehouses are specially designed and equipped with advanced systems to maintain optimal storage conditions. Humidity and temperature are closely monitored to preserve the freshness and organoleptic characteristics of each batch throughout its storage period.

We recognize the importance of timeliness. Our logistics structure is organized to ensure a smooth and fast flow of goods. We utilize computerized systems and standardized procedures to ensure that every logistical step occurs promptly and efficiently.

Fast and precise delivery to our customers is paramount. We collaborate with reliable logistics partners and employ advanced technologies to track and monitor shipments, providing complete visibility of the green coffee's journey from our warehouse to the final destination.

 Training - Raw, Roasting, and Tasting.

Our laboratories are the heart of our company, allowing us to excel in our craft. Here, we deepen our knowledge and hone our skills. In 2023, LBF introduced LINK, offering an engaging experience that takes you through every stage of our craft. From raw selection to roasting and tasting, you will have the opportunity to closely experience the journey at LBF, uncovering the secrets behind each cup of coffee.

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