Our company

LBF Group Italia Srl operates in the business of raw coffees as a direct importer on an international level.
We are the result of tradition and business experience of a family who, from generation to generation, has been able to keep alive passion for coffee.
A success obtained thanks to the expertise gained during the years along with enthusiasm, hard work, professionalism and passion for our job.

By being daily in contact with the most important exporting countries, our team is informed about all market conditions, goods availability and about all other essential conditions which allow us to become commercial partners of our clients to whom we can delegate any possible request.
We import green coffee from 20 different exporting countries.

Every year we collaborate with more than 50 loaders with whom we have created and consolidated a professional bond that allows us to obtain a constant quality and particularly favourable offers.

Our stronghold of which we are very proud, are the people of each country of origin, who, supported by the experience of our  “Coffee Hunters“,  carry on a meticulous control operation of the harvest, selection, preparation of the goods and delivery of the container in the homeland´s harbours.

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