Costarica Tarrazu La Pastora


Please Note : Crop 2021


The Pastora is a coffee recognized for its exceptional quality and is offered by CoopeTarrazù, a cooperative with over 50 years of experience. CoopeTarrazù currently collaborates with over 3,000 producers, and its members take pride in supporting them by providing low-cost loans, affordable prices for fertilizers, and promoting their coffee while committing to developing a sustainable coffee culture. The cooperative aims to protect and improve the environment, meet the expectations of customers with high-quality products and services, and enhance the quality of life for its members and the community in general.

In particular, the sustainable project for this coffee is directed towards women, with the goal of promoting and supporting gender equality and social equity. This initiative provides 74 Mujeres the opportunity to cultivate and work on a premium coffee that represents them.


No WasteSpecialty

Los Santos Tarrazu
La Pastora
Community Mujeres
Caturra & Catuai
1.200 - 1.800 masl
Original bag net weight:


Cupping score certified by Q-Graders and obtained through the SCA protocol.

Aroma: 7,75
Taste: 7,75
Acidity: 7,75
Body: 7,50
Aftertaste: 7,50
Equilibrium: 7,75
Global: 7,75
Uniformity: 10,00
Cup: 10,00
Sweetness: 10,00
Final score: 83,75
Cupper's notes

Cupper's notes

A coffee with notes of blueberry and blackberry blended with caramel undertones. An aroma featuring hints of jasmine and cedar.

Green Coffee Analysis

Green Coffee Analysis

Grain analysis

Screen Screen: 17/18
Humidity Humidity: 10,3 %
Density Density: 732 g/L

Storage environment analysis

Humidity Humidity: 51 %
Temperature Temperature: 12° C
Analysis conducted on: 27/12/2023
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More Info

More Info

Coffee from Costa Rica is among the best in the world, and those cultivated on the expansive plateau of the Central Valley (Valle Central) stand out for their uniqueness and unmistakable qualities, thanks to the mineral-rich volcanic soil and high altitude.

The coffee grown on this plateau, due to the significant quantity exported in recent years, has earned the title "The Golden Bean."

San Marcos or San Marcos de Tarrazú, located in the province of San José, enjoys particularly favorable climatic conditions and an altitude starting from 1200 meters above sea level. Here, the highest-quality coffee is cultivated and classified as SHB (Strictly Hard Bean).

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