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Alto Caparaó, located in the state of Minas Gerais, gives birth to another spectacular coffee harvested in Brazil. The cherries are picked by the Coopinhal cooperative, which carefully selects the best cherries at their peak ripeness during each harvest. They combine a blend of two varieties, Red Bourbon and Red Catuai, which are then processed using a less common technique.


New ArrivalSpecialty

Brazil, Minas Gerais, Alto Caparaó
Red Bourbon & Red Catuai
1.200 – 1.300 masl
Natural - Peeled Cherry
Original bag net weight:


Cupping score certified by Q-Graders and obtained through the SCA protocol.

Aroma: 7,75
Taste: 7,75
Acidity: 7,75
Body: 7,75
Aftertaste: 7,75
Equilibrium: 7,75
Global: 7,75
Uniformity: 10,00
Cup: 10,00
Sweetness: 10,00
Final score: 84,25
Cupper's notes

Cupper's notes

Coffee with an almost perfect balance, a velvety and creamy body, and a pleasant medium-low acidity. It has a fruity aroma with hints of dried fruit, accompanied by sweet notes of chocolate, caramel, and a finish of cane sugar.

Dried Fruit
Green Coffee Analysis

Green Coffee Analysis

Grain analysis

Screen Screen: 17/18
Humidity Humidity: 10,5 %
Density Density: 706 g/L

Storage environment analysis

Humidity Humidity: 55 %
Temperature Temperature: 15° C
Analysis conducted on: 19/12/2023
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More Info

More Info

Alto Caparaó is an exceptional coffee processed using the "Peeled Cherry" method, which involves removing the cherry skin before drying while preserving the mucilage (Pulped Natural or Honey process).

Essentially, this processing method is a combination of natural and washed methods. It can only be carried out in certain countries where the ambient humidity is low because the coffee, still covered in mucilage, needs to dry quickly to prevent fermentation. This practice significantly increases the cup quality and reduces the chances of defects. However, compared to natural or washed processes, it is considerably more expensive and requires costly machinery.

The choice of the two botanical varieties and the processing method is aimed at achieving a cup with excellent balance, a velvety body, and sweet notes. The result will pleasantly surprise even the most discerning palates.

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