India Yellikodige Estate

Yellikodige Estate is a coffee produced by Ekata Coffee, located in Chikmagalur in the state of Karnataka. This plantation has a history of approximately 150 years and cultivates not only coffee but also fruits such as figs, mangoes, black plums, avocados, and black pepper. Throughout the estate, there are ficus trees that help protect the coffee plants from excessive moisture during the summer.

With around 75 species of birds, this estate operates within a balanced ecosystem. They are working towards obtaining Demeter certification by adhering to organic and biodynamic farming practices. Ekata Coffee is a group of individuals dedicated to promoting the excellence of Indian coffee worldwide, showcasing it from different perspectives through innovative processing techniques.



India, Karnataka, Chikmagalur district
Yellikodige Estate
Ekata Coffee
Yellow Bourbon, S795 SLN-9, Kent
1.350 – 1.450 masl
Anaerobic Fermentation
Original bag net weight:


Cupping score certified by Q-Graders and obtained through the SCA protocol.

Aroma: 8,00
Taste: 7,75
Acidity: 7,75
Body: 7,75
Aftertaste: 8,00
Equilibrium: 8,00
Global: 8,00
Uniformity: 10,00
Cup: 10,00
Sweetness: 10,00
Final score: 85,25
Cupper's notes

Cupper's notes

A sweet and fruity coffee. Gentle acidity and good body. Sweet notes of cane sugar accompany tropical fruit notes, with spicy undertones of white pepper and coriander on the finish.

Tropical Fruit
White Pepper
Green Coffee Analysis

Green Coffee Analysis

Grain analysis

Screen Screen: 17/18
Humidity Humidity: 10,9 %
Density Density: 787 g/L

Storage environment analysis

Humidity Humidity: 52 %
Temperature Temperature: 28° C
Analysis conducted on: 12/07/2023
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More Info

More Info

The cherries of this coffee are handpicked when fully ripe. The fermentation process is anaerobic and lasts for approximately 48 hours, followed by natural processing. The drying takes place on raised beds, with an exposure to the sun for about 16 to 18 days.

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