India Kaapi Royal 18

The Indian Robusta Parchment AA coffee, also known as "Kaapi Royal," originates from coffee plantations primarily located in southern India, including the regions of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. These areas provide ideal climatic conditions for coffee cultivation. The term "Parchment AA" refers to the wet processing method and the screen classification. The Indian Robusta Parchment AA coffee is classified as high quality and belongs to the highest category within the Indian grading system. The AA grade indicates that the coffee beans have a screen 18 and are uniform in size.


Commercial Grade

India, Karnataka.
Coffea Canephora
1.000 – 1.150 masl
Original bag net weight:
Green Coffee Analysis

Green Coffee Analysis

Grain analysis

Screen Screen: 18
Humidity Humidity: 10,4 %
Density Density: 750 g/L

Storage environment analysis

Humidity Humidity: 52 %
Temperature Temperature: 28° C
Analysis conducted on: 12/07/2023
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More Info

More Info

This Robusta coffee is known for having an excellent body, good creaminess, pleasant sweetness and chocolate notes. When roasted, it has a uniform color throughout.

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