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More than 100 qualities of green coffee between Certified Specialty Coffee, Gourmet coffee, Micro and Nano lots, Organic Coffee, Commercial Grade and blends with full traceability in convenient bags from 1 to 10Kg.



Would you like to buy in 60 Kg bags? 


All our Green Coffee qualities are also available in 60, 69 and 70 Kg Bags. If you are a coffee roaster ask us our offer list!



Our Coffees

Certified quality guarantee.

  We hear more and more often about Specialty Coffee given that it is now established that the intertest for final consumers, for coffee lovers, to taste a coffee with unique characteristics is a growing trend. This is why we want to guarantee you for each of our Specialty a certificate with validated score signed by those who can really score a coffee and certify that the purchased quality is really what is declared.